Corporate governance

Corporate governance report

Our committees

At Better Collective, we believe that good corporate governance is about earning the confidence of shareholders, business partners, and legislators by creating transparency in decision-making and business processes. A well-defined and structured distribution of roles and areas of responsibilities between shareholders, the board, and the management secures efficiency at all levels.

General meetings

Pursuant to the Danish Companies Act, the general meeting is Better Collective’s superior decision making body.

Incentive and remuneration

At the heart of our strategy lies a dynamic incentive remuneration program crafted to ignite the passion and drive of our board and executive management. We firmly believe that aligning their goals with the short and long-term objectives of our group is the key to unlocking extraordinary achievements and maximizing value for our shareholders.

Dual listing compliance description

Better Collective is dual listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and Nasdaq Copenhagen. In connection with the dual listing, the company will remain in compliance with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and is obligated to provide a general description of the key differences between the Swedish Code and the Danish Recommendations on Corporate Governance.

The group’s certified auditor is Ernst & Young, with Mikkel Sthyr, as Partner Auditor.