Nomination Committee

The main objective and responsibility of the Nomination Committee is to prepare proposals to the Annual General Meeting for the election of the Chair and other Members of the Board of Directors, the remuneration to the Board of Directors, the Chair of the General Meeting and election of and remuneration to the auditor.

Better Collective’s Nomination Committee shall consist of four members, representing the three largest shareholders as per the end of August each year, together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors. On August 31, 2023, the two largest shareholders were Chr. Dam Holding, J. and Søgaard Holding which due to their interlinked ownership are grouped. In accordance with shareholders’ decision, the Nomination Committee has been appointed and is composed by four members in total:

  • Søren Jørgensen, Chair, appointed by Chr. Dam Holding and J. Søgaard Holding
    • Martin Jonasson, appointed by Andra AP-Fonden, also representing Tredje AP-Fonden
  • Michael Knutsson, appointed by Knutsson Holdings AB
  • Jens Bager, Chair of the Board of Directors, Better Collective

The instruction and charter for the Nomination Committee can be found in the Articles of Association in the Policies section of the company’s website In all, the Nomination Committee represents 49,5% of the total number of shares in Better Collective, based on ownership data as per August 31, 2023.

The Nomination Committee shall prepare and submit proposals to the 2024 Annual General Meeting regarding:

  • election of Chair at the shareholders’ meeting
  • election of Chair of the Board of Directors and other members of the Board of Directors
  • fees to the Board of Directors, divided between the Chair and other members, and any fees for Committee work
  • election of auditor and fees to the auditor
  • principles for appointment of the Nomination Committee, when deemed necessary

Shareholders, who would like to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee, are welcome to submit them by e-mail to: [email protected]. To ensure that the proposals can be considered by the Nomination Committee, proposals shall be submitted in due time before the Annual General Meeting, but no later than February 1, 2024.