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Explore an outtake of our sports media brands and immerse yourself in our world of top-notch sports content that excites sports fans and engage passionate communities, worldwide. With +20 years in the game and a monthly audience of more than 180 million, Better Collective owns your go-to sports media on a national and global scale.

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Action Network

North America's most trusted source for sports betting insights

In-depth and engaging data analysis for sports enthusiasts

Action Network is North Americas’ most trusted source for sports insights and is the ultimate content and product destination. Action Network is a cutting-edge sports media empowering sports enthusiasts with unparalleled insights, expert analysis, and real-time data to elevate their sporting experiences.

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Playmaker HQ

An unparalleled sports and entertainment content machine

Leading creator of original and immersive sports content

Playmaker HQ is a sports and entertainment media platform providing original entertainment and sports content with exclusive athlete collaborations and creator talent, mainly targeting the North American market. Playmaker HQ distributes more than two thousand monthly pieces of sports content mainly on Instagram, TikTok, X, and YouTube. Combined, Playmaker HQ reaches over 500 million fans. Playmaker HQ distributes more than two thousand monthly pieces of sports content, mainly on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, X, and YouTube. Combined, Playmaker HQ reaches over 500 million fans.

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A leading Greek sports media delivering immersive sporting content

A fan favourite for online sports betting news

Betarades is the leading sports betting media in Greece. Expert tips and analyses are posted daily by in-house professionals, including content developed by well-established soccer and basketball bloggers. Daily, Betarades’ YouTube Channel produces more than six hours of livestreaming shows hosted by well-known presenters. As such, Betarades has established itself as a place where experienced and casual sports fans of Greece have a say, making it the ideal hub to engage with anything sports.

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A Dutch fan favourite for digital soccer news

Daily statistics and engaging live soccer content

Soccernews is one of the largest and fastest growing digital soccer media brand in the Netherlands. Monthly, more than 30 million sports fans visit the media for daily soccer news, exciting video and audio content and share rumours and emotions around soccer. Soccernews’ editorial team count some of the Netherlands’ most esteemed soccer personalities like national team player, Anouk Hoogendijk and former Ajax and PSV Eindhoven coach, Aad de Mos.

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The heart of German sports betting knowledge

Daily expert sports tips and content

Since 2002, Wettbasis has provided German sports fans with professional sports content. Renowned experts provide in-depth match analyses and professional statistics for a community of savvy sports fans who trust Wettbasis for their sports endeavors. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced sports enthusiast, Wettbasis is your gateway to a world of sports knowledge and opportunity.

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The leading US sports betting brand

Offering a wide range of resources for a better sporting experience

VegasInsider is a prominent sports media that provides a wide range of resources for sports fans and enthusiasts across the US and offers various tools, data, and insights related to sports, odds comparison, and analysis. VegasInsider is one of the most recognized brands for the US sports audience, offering picks and informative analysis from top-rated experts. Its quality content and data have gained a loyal audience and a large US market share.

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The ultimate destination for Swedish sports fans

Created by fans, run by fans and used by fans

Founded in 2000, SvenskaFans is Sweden’s biggest online sports fan community. It covers everything from top-tier soccer and ice hockey to local leagues across Sweden. Over the past years the brand has grown a large and loyal audience through user generated content such as game reports, interviews, chronicles and podcasts, and a popular YouTube channel, FanTV.