Media partnerships

In 2019, Better Collective innovated the sports industry by establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with esteemed media outlets. Throughout the years, Better Collective has partnered with some of the largest and most trusted media outlets across Europe, the Americas and in emerging markets. Explore our highlighted media partnerships and the variety of their collaboration.

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In 2023, Better Collective partnered with Goal to run its sports betting section. Goal is a global digital soccer media brand owned by Footballco, which serves 64 million fans every month with English, Spanish and Portuguese content. Goal is one of the world’s most popular digital soccer destinations, and includes a betting section with high quality sports content, data insights, betting odds and analysis, run by Better Collective. The partnership is Better Collective’s first agreement with a major news source that solely operates digitally.

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The Telegraph

Better Collective partners with the UK’s leading source for sports related content. As such, Better Collective delivers its innovative technology and commercial content for the Telegraph’s sports betting and casino sections. The UK makes up the largest online sports betting market in the world, and is already a key market for Better Collective. The partnership is co-branded with Better Collective’s sports media brand,

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New York Post

Since 2022, Better Collective has been bringing the best in commercial sports betting content to the publication’s readership of more than 92 million unique visitors. Through its leading North American sports media, Action Network, Better Collective delivers content, data, and statistics for the digital betting section of the New York Post.

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By partnering with Sport1 Better Collective has extensively expanded its German market presence. Joining forces, Better Collective and Sport1 have combine their German assets to establish the leading digital sports media section. The combined portfolio of digital assets roughly host more than nine million unique visitors per month. The partnership is co-branded with Better Collective’s legacy sports media

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The media partnership with Peruvian sports site Depor allows Better Collective to provide high-quality sports betting content, technology, and data to one of the market leaders in the South American region. Since the launch of Depor in 2009, the media has grown a monthly following of more than 50 million readers, and has established itself as one of the core media, not only in Peru but also in markets like Colombia and Mexico.

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By partnering with the Nigerian media, PUNCH, Better Collective took its first step into a new and exciting continent with a growing population of sports enthusiasts. The partnership agrees for Better Collective to run a sports betting section on PUNCH’s digital brand and Nigeria’s number one website, Better Collective will use its innovative technology and content expertise to help PUNCH’s audience make informed decisions in a rapidly growing digital sports entertainment market. In doing so, Better Collective has implemented and runs a high-quality and commercial sports betting section for PUNCH with English content.