Therese Hillman

Vice chair, Member of the audit committee

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Education: Therese Hillman holds a M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics with exchange terms at the University of Virginia and the University of North Georgia.

Professional background: CEO of Network of Design (NOD), a group of Scandinavian design companies. Therese Hillman was prior to her current role as CEO of NOD the Group CEO of NetEnt. In this role, she steered the company during a turnaround phase, in a time of changing regulation and market conditions, US market expansion, and a large acquisition of the fast-growing competitor Red Tiger.

Other assignments: Board chairman of String Furniture AB, Nordic e Trade AB, AB Grythyttan Stålmöbler and Sweden Concepts AB. Board member of Byarums Bruk AB, Cooee Design AB and Norling Cavallin AB.

Previous assignments: Prior to joining NetEnt in 2017, Therese Hillman worked at for 10 years, where she was the CEO for the last six years, and prior to that she worked in the roles as COO and CFO. Former board member of Unibet and Actic.

Independent in relation to:

Shareholders: Yes

The company: Yes

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