Leif Nørgaard

Board member, Chair of the audit committee

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Education: Leif Nørgaard holds a M.Sc in Economics and Business Administration from Aarhus Business School and is a state authorised public auditor.

Professional background: Leif Nørgaard has held senior positions in global companies such as CFO for Chr. Hansen Group, CFO for Dako Group, CFO for Teleca Group, and has served on boards in several countries. Leif Nørgaard is a professional investor and part-time CFO in start-up companies. He has extensive experience in finance, start-ups and growth companies.

Other assignments: Leif Nørgaard is currently the board chair of MuteBox ApS, Myselfie Aps, and K/S Sunset Boulevard, Esbjerg. He is a member of the executive board of Dialægt/Citatplakat ApS, AnnoAnno ApS, Ooono A/S, Nøller Invest ApS, 2XL2016 ApS, Komplementarsel. Landshut ApS, Sunset Boulevard, Esbjerg Komplementar ApS and Robo Invest 2020 ApS.

Previous assignments: Board member of Komplementarsel. Landshut ApS and Teklatech A/S, Actimo LATAM Holdco ApS and DTU Science Park A/S. Chair of the board of K/S SDR. Fasanvej, Frederiksberg. Partner of ApS Komplementarselskabet SDR. Fasanvej, Frederiksberg.

Independent in relation to:

Shareholders: Yes

The company: Yes

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